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High Quality Mulch, Dirt, Stone, & Pine Straw

When you need to level your yard, protect a layer of grass seed, or decorate a flower bed, Get Right Enterprises has a wide variety of materials available to improve your property, including mulch, dirt, stone, and pine straw. With customer service as our first priority, you can feel confident that our experienced landscaping company in Holly Ridge will lay these materials with care to get the best results and help you maximize the beauty and functionality of your property. 

Our Landscaping Material Work

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Available Landscaping Materials We Offer

We have a wide variety of natural landscaping materials available for your yard or garden needs. 


We have several types of natural mulch in stock that we can install in your flower beds, vegetable gardens, and other desired areas that will create a finished appearance and add curb appeal to your home.  

Pine Straw

Pine straw is used as an economic alternative to mulch while still protecting plants and minimizing moisture evaporation. It’s often used as ground cover when laying grass seed or over large vegetable gardens. 

Dirt & Topsoil

When you need fill-dirt to smooth a bumpy yard, fill in an old pool or water feature, or eliminate holes, we can meet your order. For vegetable gardening and flower gardening, our high-quality organic topsoil will nourish your plants and allow your gardens to thrive. 

Stone & Rocks

Bulk stone and rock are commonly used in the Wilmington area for both decoration and function. Small gravel and pebbles are available to create a driveway or parking area. We also have lovely Delaware blend river rock in numerous sizes that makes lovely pathways, lines flower beds, and creates decorative areas around your property. 

Benefits Of Using Mulch, Dirt, Stone, & Pine Straw

If you’re debating having landscaping materials added to your lawn or garden, consider the benefits of each type.


  • Helps the soil retain moisture and reduces weed growth;
  • Improves soil health as the mulch breaks down into vital nutrients;
  • Reduces erosion and prevents damage;
  • Cedar, cypress, and pine mulch can repel pests, including mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas;
  • Adds beauty and makes your garden areas more attractive and finished-looking. 

Pine Straw

  • Economical, cost-effective ground coverage over large areas;
  • Prevents seed loss during wind or rain;
  • Holds in moisture and reduces weed growth;
  • Is an attractive, rustic ground cover around trees and shrubs;
  • Protects plants from temperature extremes;

Organic Topsoil

  • Filled with beneficial nutrients;
  • Promotes healthy plant growth and strong root systems;
  • No risk of dangerous chemical contamination;
  • Retains water better than traditional dirt and soil;

Stone & Rocks

  • Versatile – can be used as a driveway, path, or as a type of mulch or ground cover;
  • Improves drainage in flower beds and slows down water absorption;
  • Low maintenance;
  • Long-lasting and requires little replacement;
  • Acts as an effective weed block;
  • Improves property value and adds beauty to your property;
  • Available in a variety of sizes depending on usage;

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When you need landscaping material for your lawn, including mulch, dirt, stone, and pine straw, we make it easy. Our team will deliver and install your choice of ground cover in Topsail Island, Wilmington, Hampstead, Sneads Ferry, and Holly Ridge. Contact us today at  910-264-6782 or fill out our contact form to learn more about our services and order materials.  

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