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Professional Palm Tree Planting Services

Living near the ocean, palm trees are an attractive part of the landscape that can provide lovely shade and attractive curb appeal to your home for years to come. However, having them in the right location and keeping them well maintained is key to improving the look of your property. When you need complete palm tree services, including planting, trimming, and tree removal, reach out to the experienced landscaping team at Get Right Services who will take care of your trees and your property. 

Our Palm Tree Planting Work

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Our Palm Tree Services

We offer comprehensive tree services for your residential or commercial property. 

Palm Tree Planting

Planting palm trees around your property adds beauty and value for years to come, but they also have functional benefits, too. The roots of palm trees anchor grass, plants, and soil so they don’t wash away during heavy storms and they minimize flooding by improving drainage. As they grow, they provide lovely shade to keep your home cooler and improve energy efficiency.

In order for them to successfully grow and thrive, the right species should be chosen and placed in an area with proper levels of sunlight and drainage as well as room for them to safely reach their full size. Our team knows which types of palms are best suited for the Wilmington area and what conditions lead to the best results both now and for decades to come.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

As palm trees grow, pruning and trimming are necessary to keep a full canopy of healthy fronds, but excessive trimming can stunt growth and damage the tree.  Our experienced landscapers carefully trim palm trees to remove the dead or dying fronds while encouraging healthy, natural growth. 

Palm Tree Moving

If you are revising your existing landscaping or are developing property with established palm trees, our team can often relocate them for you. Rather than killing a valuable and beneficial tree, we can work with you to successfully remove it from an existing location and place it in a place better suited to your property, such as away from a building area, a fence line, or power lines. 

Tree Removal

In addition to moving palm trees, we can also remove them from your property altogether. If your tree is diseased, has sustained storm damage, or is simply not compatible with what you want for your property, we will take out the tree and clean up the area to leave your property safe and tidy. 

Why Choose Get Right Enterprises

Since 2004, Get Right Enterprises has proudly served the Holly Ridge area, providing high-quality landscaping and land improvement services that add value to your property and improve both beauty and functionality. Our crew has both the experience and dedication to customer service to do the job right, so you can feel confident that the work we do will hold up to both time and the elements. 

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When you want to add palm trees to your property, maintain existing ones, or get rid of trees that are taking up space, diseased, or at risk of causing property damage, Get Right Enterprises is here to help. Our experienced team works in Topsail Island, Wilmington, Hampstead, Sneads Ferry, and Holly Ridge, helping both homeowners and commercial property owners get the results they want to improve their property. Call us today at  910-264-6782 or fill out our contact form below for a quote for services or to schedule service. 

We sell, deliver, install & maintain a variety of palm trees, including sabal palms.

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