Dune Restoration Services

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Dune Restoration Services

As coastal storms and hurricanes grow stronger and more frequent, sand dunes are often the only line of defense between your home and inland flooding. If erosion has left your home vulnerable, we can help. Contact the experienced landscaping team at Get Right Enterprises to learn how dune restoration services can protect your property from coastal flooding. 

The Importance of Sand Dunes

Beach dunes may just seem like barren deposits of sand, but they are an essential part of the beach’s ecosystem, containing fragile but vital habitats for wildlife like turtles and crabs, as well as native plants and grasses. They also act as a natural barrier against flooding from high tides and storm surge as well as prevent long term erosion from causing structural damage and insecurity to homes and businesses along the beach.

How Dune Restoration Works

While wind and water can erode and flatten the dunes, our sand dune restoration services can build them back. More important than just adding more sand, we use strategic, effective ways to anchor the dunes so you can rely on their presence and protection. 

Sand Replacement

When wind and waves have eliminated sand from the top or foundation of the dunes, we can restore the lost sections to replenish and build it back, taking care to angle it in a way to provide the best protection. 

Sandbag Installation

Adding sandbags around the dune are cost-effective, semi-permanent ways to block wind and wave erosion and allow the dunes to build back. We use strong durable fabric bags that hold up to the constant wear of the elements so they can last for long periods and their natural, neutral color blends in with the surrounding sand. 

Native Plant Replacement

Replacing the sand can only be one part of the solution to restoring sand dunes. In order to prevent erosion, the sand needs to be anchored in place, and one way we do that is by planting native American beach grass, bitter panicum, and sea oats. These thick grasses don’t just improve the appearance of the dunes, their long, sturdy roots hold the sand and prevent it from washing or blowing away in storms and tides. 

Sand Fence Installation

We also install sand fencing to help trap and stabilize the sand around the dune and add additional protection against flooding and erosion around your property. It also adds width to the base of the dune, creating a better foundation and strengthening the overall structure. 

Why Choose Get Right Enterprises for Sand Dune Replacement

Since 2004, Get Right Enterprises has been a leading provider of landscaping services in Holly Ridge and the surrounding area. We have an experienced crew of dedicated landscapers who have the skills necessary to add functionality and beauty to the exterior of your home or business with solutions designed to last.

Our Dune Restoration Work

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