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Landscaping Installation Professionals

By landscaping your yard, you enhance the style of your home, the size and shape of your lot, and the natural environment surrounding you. Landscaping is the planning, laying out, and construction of gardens and visual spaces that both elevate the appearance of your home and create usable space for outdoor activities. 

At Get Right Enterprises, we take the time to consult with you, create a plan that works beautifully with your space, and then install the landscape using the plan you love. We can change the existing terrain and build structures that add interest as well. When we are finished, you feel like you have a brand new home!

Landscaping Options

Options are plentiful for landscaping. Whether you want a balanced combination of hardscapes (patios and decks) and softscapes (plants), or you want a sustainable landscape design that uses water efficiently and creates a natural habitat, or you want to recreate a particular style of garden like tropical or modern, Get Right Enterprises can make your vision a reality. We are experienced with all types of hardscape designs including outdoor kitchens and fire pits so you can entertain friends and family all year round!

Our Landscape Installation Work

The Landscape Installation Process

Starting from the beginning, the installation of a landscape follows these two phases: design and construction.

Phase 1: The Design

During the design phase, we consult with you and gather ideas. Then, we do our research and start to plan. At Get Right Enterprises, we keep you involved in the design process. Our designer works closely with you to address specific considerations like:

  • Overall purpose of your yard and what you are looking for in the end result
  • Features to include
  • Landscaping style

The completed plan includes the location and materials for all the hardscapes and outdoor living features, in addition to the specific plants we propose.

Phase 2: The Construction

After you approve the design plan, the construction begins. The construction phase includes all of the building required as shown on the plan. This can involve moving dirt, adding dirt, grading, creating beds, installing irrigation systems, building walls, building decks and paths, and planting. This phase requires the designer and the landscape installation team to work closely in bringing the plan to life. Hardscape construction is completed first so you start to see the space take shape fairly quickly. The landscape details come last with installation of outdoor lighting, plant ground cover, plants, and other features that complete the outdoor living space.

We provide our Landscaping Installation services in Topsail Island, Wilmington, Hampstead, Sneads Ferry, and Holly Ridge. Contact us today so that we can look at your property and offer the best solution.

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