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Landscape Drainage Solutions

Heavy rains are a part of life in Coastal North Carolina but landscape drainage services are essential to preventing serious problems around your home and landscape. Standing water or permanently soggy, sodden grass attracts mosquitoes and pests, hinders plant growth, and turns your property into a mess for days after it rains. However, these are small inconveniences compared to how poor drainage can affect the structural integrity of your home or business. 

Poor drainage can loosen soil underneath a paved or concrete patio or driveway, leading to cracks, dips, and buckling. When water stands and pools around the foundation, it seeps into the porous concrete or brick and into your home’s crawl space. Over time, cracks and damage occur, weakening the foundation, while excess moisture under the house leads to rotting floor joists, mold, and odors. To protect your home and property, we offer comprehensive landscape drainage solutions to minimize standing water and keep your property safe, healthy, and dry. 

Our Landscape Drainage Work

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Types of Landscape Drainage Solutions

Depending on the type of drainage concerns you have and where they are located, we offer several types of yard drainage solutions. 

Replacing Hardscape 

When you have large areas that are paved or covered in concrete, water can’t permeate these surfaces, leading to runoff and pooling. Where this is causing problems, we can replace the hard, impermeable materials with gravel or stone that allows water to drain quickly and effectively 

Adding Yard and Channel Drains

If you have areas around your property where water stands and pools, we can install drains that funnel excess water down a pipe where the water can flow out and away from your property or into a dry well. Yard drains are installed directly into your yard or property, while channel drains can be installed into your driveway, walkways, or other paved areas to stop water from flowing into your home or garage.. 

Property Grading

Drainage concerns are often caused by property that is so flat that water isn’t able to drain away from your home. Adding soil around your home and creating a slope downward from your home and across your property ensures that when water can’t be absorbed into the earth, the runoff is strategically directed to ensure it won’t cause damage. 

French Drains

French drains are an incredibly effective way to manage excess water, especially when the surface water is coming from your roof or even from runoff from another property. Our team will dig a trench around your home or in areas of the property where drainage is a problem. Then, we will lay a perforated PVC pipe into the trench and cover it with gravel, then dirt. Runoff or rain will seep down into the dirt and gravel into the holes along the top of the PVC pipe where it will flow away from your home, similar to how it does in a lawn drain. 

Why Choose Us for Landscape Drainage Services

Since 2004, homeowners and businesses have relied on Get Right Enterprises for reliable landscaping services, including drainage solutions. We will work with you to determine the source of the problem and  with our team on the job, you can expect: 

  • Effective, long-term solutions to your drainage problems;
  • An experienced, knowledgeable team to do the job right;
  • Competitive pricing that reflects our quality workmanship;
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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